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 Please note these books contain sexually explicit language for adults only (especially the hottie book).    


The Straight Man's Pocket Guide to Picking Up a Hottie- Written by a Woman Who Loves Women  

 The Love Detour Chronicles

Upcoming Releases

 Sacramento: Where Mayberry Meets Manhatten- Everyone knows Manhatten; it is one of the best cities in the world.  A metropolis of fashion, culture, night life, an eclectic conglomeration of everything and anything you could want or need.  Mayberry?  Maybe you don't know. .. it was a fictitious town on the Andy Griffith show, a cult classic t.v. show.  But the town exists in North Carolina as Mt. Airy.  They even have "Mayberry" Days where life is simple, everyone is friendly and people bake pies.  So put the two together and you have Sacramento; a big city with a small town feel and people are friendly and bake pies. :) 

 The Pizza Thief- Completing Soon

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